The Meat Experts Sdn. Bhd. (719610-T) was founded by David Choong in 2009. David first cultivated his interest in the gourmet food industry during his university days where he worked part-time with a deli in Australia. There he managed to learn about running an Australian-style deli . He also worked in a local deli in Bangsar which caters to foreign expatriates as well as local customers during his university summer holidays.

The Core Team

Our core team consists of individuals who have worked in a popular deli in Bangsar for over a decade and have become familiar faces that the local Bangsar community have come to know and seek to fulfill their day-to-day gourmet needs. Our staff are all well-versed in English and Malay and some are even fluent in various Chinese dialects.

TME Assurance

At The

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Meat Experts (TME) we never use organ meats or meat by-products in any of our sausage. We receive daily deliveries from our meat purveyor and hand trim all meat before making our sausage. Hand trimming ensures that TME gourmet sausage always exceeds standard for leanness in our product. All of our herbs and spices are stored in a temperature cheap custom research papers controlled spice room to guarantee peak flavor. The herbs and spices are blended by hand before marrying with the select cuts of pork, beef and lamb.

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